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The following timeline provides a look at how Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas originated and how the company has evolved over the years:

1941 - The Kansas Hospital Service Association is created by a special enabling act passed by the Kansas Legislature. The legislation allows for the creation of the not-for-profit corporation for the purpose of entering into contracts with hospitals to provide services to Kansans.
March 1942 - KHSA begins operations.
Summer 1942 - Sam J. Barham is named the first president of the company.
1945 - Another enabling act passed by the Kansas Legislature creates Kansas Physician's Service. This not-for-profit corporation is formed for the purpose of entering into contracts with physicians.
Jan. 1, 1946 - The first Blue Shield of Kansas contract becomes effective. The premiums are 90 cents a month for a single contract and $2.25 for family. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield combined monthly premium for a family contract is $4.
1950s - The Kansas Hospital Service Association changes its name to Blue Cross of Kansas Inc., and Kansas Physician's Service becomes known as Blue Shield of Kansas Inc.

- By now, BCBSKS is providing coverage to 407,000 Kansans and has 142 employees. The organization serves all counties in Kansas except Johnson and Wyandotte. Marketing field offices are established throughout the state.
1958 - BCBSKS reaches and surpasses $100 million mark for total payments to hospitals and doctors for care of its customers.
1960s - This decade is revolutionary for BCBSKS. Many programs still in existence today are developed during this period. It marks the beginning of electronic data processing; administration of the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs; development of the Federal Employee Program; and a new payment arrangement for participating physicians.

- Enrollment grows to more than 600,000 customers by the company's 20th anniversary - nearly 32 percent of the eligible population. By the company's 25th anniversary, more than 11,500 Kansas businesses have BCBSKS coverage for their employees. More than a third of a billion dollars now have been paid for hospital and doctor services received by its customers since its formation.
1966 - The Health Care Financing Administration (now known as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) selects BCBSKS to serve Medicare beneficiaries in Kansas.

- With the advent of Medicare, the company establishes a supplemental program for Kansans age 65 and older known as Plan 65. We have continued to administer the Medicare contract for Kansans ever since. Today BCBSKS also administers Medicare B claims for Nebraska and the Greater Kansas City Area.
1967 - BCBSKS begins to handle the federal Medicaid program for the State of Kansas. This relationship lasts until 1978, but resumes again in 1996.
1969 - Provisions of Kansas enabling statutes passed in 1941 and 1945, calling the corporations "charitable and benevolent," are repealed. At this time, BCBSKS has $26.5 million in assets and $5.8 million in surplus after liabilities.
1970 - BCBSKS begins paying property tax on its property. Prior to this time, the company had been exempt.
Sept. 1975 - Wellington D. Jones Jr. becomes the president upon the retirement of Sam J. Barham.
Sept. 1, 1980 - G. Wayne Johnston becomes president, replacing Wellington D. Jones Jr.
1983 - Blue Cross of Kansas Inc. and Blue Shield of Kansas Inc. consolidate into one corporation, and cost containment programs are expanded.

- Administrative Services of Kansas, Inc. (ASK) is established as a subsidiary corporation to the company. ASK is responsible for the leasing and selling of computer hardware and software for use in the company's paperless claims network.
1984 - A program known as CAP - Competitive Allowance Program - is introduced and becomes the foundation for the company's reimbursement agreements with Kansas health care providers. The creation of CAP is a milestone in the company's efforts to control costs. Nearly 17 years later, CAP continues to save our customers millions of dollars each year.
1985 - Kansas Group Life Insurance Company is incorporated as a subsidiary of the company. The creation of the life insurance company allows BCBSKS to offer a complete line of fringe benefits to its customers.
March 1, 1990 - Thomas L. Miller succeeds G. Wayne Johnston as president/CEO.
1992 - BCBSKS becomes a mutual life insurance company through legislation passed by the Kansas Legislature. The company supports the action because it will allow all insurers in the state to have equal treatment in terms of regulation of contracts and premiums.
1994 - Kansas Group Life Insurance Company becomes Advance Insurance Company, which now has licenses in 38 states including Kansas.
1995 - The company introduces Premier Blue, a health maintenance organization, which serves approximately 50,000 members today.
1996 - The company becomes the fiscal agent for the Medicaid contract with the State of Kansas.

- BCBSKS and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City discuss merging the two Blue Plans into one organization, but discussions end in 1997 due to cultural differences and legal considerations.

March 1997 - John W. Knack becomes president/CEO upon the retirement of Thomas L. Miller.
1997 - BCBSKS becomes the Kansas network subcontractor for CHAMPUS (now known as TRICARE).
1998 - The company establishes its website to have immediate electronic capability to disseminate company information to an ever-growing online audience.
Dec. 31, 1998 - The Caring Program for Children, a free primary and preventive health benefits program for eligible children, steps aside for a state-run federal program called HealthWave. The Caring Program served nearly 13,000 Kansas children during its 10-year existence.
1999 - The company begins work on complying with provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This involves establishing electronic transaction standards for health plans, health care clearinghouses and health care providers throughout the country.
August 2000 - An agreement is reached in a lawsuit that BCBSKS filed in May 1997 which says BCBSKS will pay $75 million to fund a new Kansas charitable health foundation established by the state. The agreement frees BCBSKS from any further charitable obligations.
September 2000 - The Sunflower Foundation is established with the $75 million from BCBSKS.
January 2001 - BCBSKS announces its decision to open a satellite office in Salina, creating nearly 50 new positions in customer service and claims processing.
May 2001 - BCBSKS and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield enter into a definitive to affiliate, a plan which is later approved by the BCBSKS policyholders. However, the affiliation is later denied by the Kansas insurance commissioner (February 2002), a decision which is affirmed by the Kansas Supreme Court in August 2003.
June 30, 2002 - The company ends its role as the fiscal agent for the Medicaid contract with the State of Kansas.
June 2, 2003 - Michael M. Mattox becomes the company's president/CEO upon the retirement of John W. Knack.
Oct. 1, 2004 - Advance Insurance Company officially becomes Advance Insurance Company of Kansas, providing life and disability products only in the BCBSKS service area.
2004 - The company announces in May and breaks ground in the fall on a proposed $21 million construction project on its main campus in Topeka, building a new four-story structure and new customer service center. The two-phase project is completed in early 2007 at a final cost of approximately $25 million.
2005 -The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation is incorporated in mid-year with a $2 million gift from BCBSKS. The foundation, which is required by law to distribute 5 percent of its assets each year, seeks to fund health-related programs and activities of 501(c)(3) organizations. The first major grant program of the foundation, Healthy Habits for Life, was unveiled in 2006.
2006 - Wheatlands Administrative Services, Inc., is created, officially beginning operations in October. Wheatlands is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BCBSKS responsible for all current and future Medicare business.
Oct. 1, 2007 - Andrew C. Corbin becomes the company's president/CEO upon the retirement of Michael M. Mattox.
Feb. 29, 2008 - The company ends its role as the fiscal intermediary for the Medicare Part A program in Kansas and the carrier for Medicare Part B in Kansas, Nebraska and northwestern Missouri.

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