BCBSKS Foundation - Healthy Habits for Life

Healthy Habits for Life is a major grant-giving program of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation. It is offered to help schools address a current major health issue in Kansas and the nation: childhood obesity.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation has completed its ninth grant-giving cycle during which we distributed 163 grants totaling $149,994 to assist school nurses, physical education teachers, other teachers and administrators in developing programs to help school-aged children learn healthy habits.

The BCBSKS Foundation has now distributed 923 Healthy Habits for Life grants in excess of $820,000 through nine giving cycles. These HHFL grants have benefited thousands of school-aged children, along with their family members and communities.

We recognize that at a time when finding solutions for childhood obesity and improving the overall health and wellness of Kansas children is at the forefront of our state's needs, school budgets are tighter than ever and many Kansas schools are struggling to find the resources they need for basic educational programs. With the Healthy Habits for Life grant program, we hope to fill some of those funding gaps by providing financial resources to schools that want to create programs to help their students:

  • Reduce their cardiovascular risk
  • Increase their physical activity
  • Learn health eating habits

School nurses, teachers, principals and other administrators have unique opportunities to reach and teach students about healthy lifestyle choices by creating curriculum and programs that can be incorporated into the place where children spend a majority of their day: school. While at school, students are a captive audience and can be greatly influenced. And, since one of the best places to start developing healthy behaviors is during childhood, healthy habits adopted as a youth often translate into healthy habits as an adult.

View a list of the 2014-15 grant recipients listed by county. Adobe Acrobat PDF