Careers at BCBSKS - Compensation

Base Salary
Paying employees at competitive base pay levels enables us to attract and retain the best people. The base pay system is administered to ensure jobs are classified properly and are paid appropriately, both in relation to other jobs in the company, and according to our compensation philosophy.

Compensation Philosophy
We will compensate all employees fairly, equitably and competitively to achieve the organization's objectives of providing excellent service to customers while maintaining adequate financial controls and quality operations. This philosophy is based on these principles:

  • Compensation will be distinctive and opportunity-based, in order to reinforce the Plan's business strategies, corporate culture and management processes.
  • Compensation programs will be designed to reward excellence in performance and achievement, both individually and collectively.
  • Compensation programs will include base salary levels that reward all employees fairly and competitively, commensurate with individual skills, performance, job contribution, and market conditions, as well as performance-based incentive plans and other variable compensation programs.

Variable Pay
Variable pay rewards employees for specific achievements or accomplishments.

The company incentive program is designed to motivate employees to perform at levels which ensure that corporate strategic and operational objectives are achieved while rewarding superior performance. Performance measures are based on either quarterly and/or annual goals