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logo: Blue 365With exclusive value-added discounts and offers on programs and services from leading national companies, Blue365 gives you an easy-to-use, valuable resource to help you make decisions about wellness while you save on healthy programs and services.

Save Some Money
  • Blue365’s exclusive deals, open only to Blue members, will bring you discounts at top health and wellness retailers around the country.

Live a Healthier Life
  • You know what it takes to keep your mind and body happy. Blue365 has deals to help you every step of the way.
Enjoy Family Activities
  • Make living well a shared experience. Think healthy vacations, gym discounts, well balanced meal ideas and more.

Do it All... Effortlessly
  • Each week, you’ll get great deals delivered straight to your inbox. You can click and save without the fuss.

Members - You also may want to check with your contracting BCBSKS provider for possible discounts they may offer for non-covered services such as Lasik surgery, eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Access these exclusive benefits of membership, by logging in to our secure BlueAccess® section to take full advantage of the array of offerings through Resource Blue.