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URAC Accredited Disease Management
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Disease Management

This HIPAA-compliant program is doctor-directed and nurse-managed by telephone. Through periodic phone calls, the nurse care manager assists the member in identifying risk factors. The nurse care manager also provides ongoing encouragement and coaches the member on appropriate self-management skills to improve his or her overall health status.

With the help of a clinical management software system, enrolled members will receive education to promote:

We call or write members, asking them to agree to participate in the program. Educational materials are free of charge, and mailed on an individual basis. Four times a year, we also send health mailings to all members that stress key elements to manage the specific chronic condition.

Participation in the program is strictly voluntary, and the member may opt out at any time. Members will be encouraged to contact their physician when changes in their clinical status occur that may require physician intervention. The member's physician makes all decisions concerning medical treatment.

The program is not a source of emergency medical care. Members with immediate needs or concerns will be advised to access their physician directly or seek emergency medical attention.

The primary goal of Healthy Options disease management is to improve the quality of life for our members while achieving efficient use of health care services.

For further information about the program contact us at 1-800-520-3137.