What's Cookin' with Diabetes

If you have diabetes and want to learn more about managing your condition and cooking healthy, you and one guest are invited to What’s Cookin’ with Diabetes.

What’s Cookin’ with Diabetes is a free, two-hour seminar prepared by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas and K-State Research and Extension.

What’s Cookin’ with Diabetes will provide self-management guidelines that will help you understand the importance of taking medications, eating healthy and being active. The proper combination of all these items is essential to living better with diabetes. In addition you’ll learn or be refreshed on how and why to monitor your blood sugars, problem solving, and ways to reduce your risks.

Attendees will be offered small samples of diabetes-friendly foods. There also will be door prizes, take-home materials, tasty recipes and community resources.

This two-hour program includes:

  • Tips to help remove the guesswork from healthy eating – learn what you can eat and when you should eat.
  • The perfect combination of information to help you manage diabetes.
  • A chance to sample diabetes-friendly recipes.

All workshops are closed. Please check back next year.