Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Group Members — Enrollment Changes

When can I add a dependent to my policy?

Depending on the group plan you are enrolled in, you may add a dependent to your policy at a qualifying event or open enrollment period. You will need to contact your group administrator since enrollment requirements may vary from group to group.

 How can I add a newborn child to my policy?

If you currently have a policy that covers child(ren), the newborn's coverage is effective on the birth date. However, a phone call or a change form will still need to be submitted to add the child within 62 days of the date of birth.

If your current policy does not cover children, you may either call our office or send in a Change Form within 63 days of the baby's birth in order to change your policy to one that does cover children. If a call is placed to add the child, follow up with your group and send in a change form signed by you and your group leader.

If you are employed by a group who is deducting your First Choice premiums, a change form will be required within 31 days of the birth from the group to add the newborn to your policy.

To obtain a copy of the Change Form please contact your group administrator or contact us.

What should I do if I'm getting a divorce?

You must have a Change Form signed by you and your group administrator within 31 days and received by us within 45 days of the date the divorce is granted by a court of law. The effective date will be the first of the month following the date the divorce is granted.

To obtain a Change Form contact your group administrator or contact us.

What should I do when I retire?

You and your employer will be notified three months before your 65th birth date of the options available to you for continued coverage should you decide to retire at age 65.

BCBSKS offers Medicare supplement coverage through our Plan 65 and Plan 65-Select programs. Information about these programs will be sent to you automatically. You should also check with your group administrator on the availability of a group health plan for retirees through your employer.

Is orthodontic coverage available?

You will need to check with your group administrator regarding any orthodontic coverage your group may have.

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