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Institutional Publications - Precertification

Electronic Precertification System Error Resolution

Providers may receive a blank (white) screen or an error message when trying to access InterQual within the precertification system. Depending on what version of Internet Explorer (IE) you are using, that may determine what process you will need to go through to resolve this issue and providers will need to check with their own IS/IT department for assistance on this issue.

For BCBSKS, we are currently on IE8 and this is what was recommended for us.

Click on tools on your Internet browser screen , then click on Internet Options from the drop down menu.

You will receive the following screen, where you will need to click on the Delete button under the Browsing history section.

Next, you will see the following screen where you will check to delete the Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History.  Preserve Favorites website data box should be unchecked before hitting the Delete button at the bottom of the screen.

You may or may not see a screen appear that shows files being moved to your trash, depending on how many temporary files you have that need to be deleted. If you see this screen, please wait until it completes and goes away. Then you will be taken back to the Internet Options screen; click OK.

Next, click on your F5 key to refresh the screen. You may see a screen regarding Adobe Reader. You can click on the OK button on that screen and it will then take you into InterQual. Remember, these are the instructions if using Internet Explorer 8. Please check with your IT/IS staff if you need assistance with your application.

If you are still experiencing problems accessing InterQual after you have gone through these steps for Internet Explorer 8, please contact the IS/IT staff at your facility for assistance and if they are unable to help you resolve the issue, you can call one of the numbers below and we will assist you. Please do not fax in your precertifications unless instructed to do so by the BCBSKS Precertification Department.

BCBSKS Education Coordinator – 1-785-291-7236

BCBSKS Precertification Department – 1-800-782-4437