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Substance Abuse Facilities - 2004

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Date Topics Subject
11/29/2004 Remittance Advice (RA), Claim Screens 04-12 Changes to the Remittance Advice and Web Claim Screens
11/15/2004 ID Numbers, Payment Schedule, Remittance Advice (RA) 04-11 BCBSKS Assigns New Member Identification Numbers
10/11/2004 Adjustments, Claim Submission 04-10 Submitting Corrected Claims
06/30/2004 Telephone Numbers 04-09 Telephone Directory
05/24/2004 Adjustments, Claim Submission 04-08 Submitting Corrected Claims
05/03/2004 Medical Necessity, Botox, CTA, HBO, MRA, Polysomnography/Sleep Studies 04-07 Medical Policies
04/27/2004 Telephone Numbers 04-06 Telephone Directory
04/14/2004 Revenue Code, Behavorial Health, Psych Services 04-05 Revenue Code 0910 - Discontinued October 16, 2003
04/06/2004 ID Number, Identification Number 04-04 New ID Numbers, Cards Planned for Future
04/06/2004 RA, Remittance Advice 04-03 Remittance Advices Available at Web Site
01/22/2004 Non-Contracting Provider 04-02 2004 Member Contract Change