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Substance Abuse Facilities

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Date Topics Subject
03/18/15 CPT Code 96416 Revised BCBSKS Guidelines
02/21/15 New Directions Behavioral Health Intenstive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
12/23/14 New Directions Behavioral Health New online tool for clinical submission
12/15/14 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Eligibility Grace Period Response
11/12/14 Federal Employee Program (FEP) 2015 FEP Group Health Plan
10/23/14 State of Kansas (SOK) Employee Health Plans 2015 SOK Member Plan Designs and Benefit Descriptions
10/14/14 New BCBSKS Subsidiary and Product BlueCross BlueShield Solutions, Inc.
07/30/14 Verisk Health Request for Medical Records from Providers
07/28/14 BCBSKS Medical Policy Influenza Virus Diagnostic Testing and Treatment in the Outpatient Setting
07/10/14 BCBSKS Policy Provider payment of premiums for Marketplace Health Plans
06/16/14 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (BCBSKC) Prior Authorization Program effective October 1, 2013
03/07/14 Electronic Prior Authorization Submission CoverMyMeds
01/28/14 Leasing the BCBSKS Provider Network Group Farmer's Alliance
12/12/13 Electronic Provider Payment Electronic EFT form available 1/1/14
11/13/13 Federal Employee Program 2014 Benefit Plans and Plan Changes
11/12/13 Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplaces (a.k.a. Exchanges)
10/08/13 Affordable Care Act Mandate Referring Provider required on claims for Native Americans effective January 1, 2014
10/03/13 State of Kansas (SOK) employee health plans 2014 State of Kansas (SOK) Member Plan Designs and Benefit Descriptions
09/27/13 UB-04 Claim Form Point of Origin for Admission or Visit Code Required
09/26/13 Affordable Care Act Verisk chosen as Medical Record Retrieval Coordinator for BCBSKS member claims
09/13/13 Blue Distinction Centers Kansas hospitals recognized in 2013
09/12/13 ICD-10 Readiness Provider's Vendor and Clearinghouse
09/10/13 UB04 Claim Form New Patient Discharge Codes effective 10/1/13
09/05/13 Updated Medical Policy Intra-articular Hyaluronan Injections for Osteoarthritis
08/12/13 Updated January 8, 2007 Newsletter Leasing BCBSKS Provider Network
08/09/13 Self-service web tools
Correction to OPL Newsletter published 07/12/13
Other Party Liability (OPL)
07/17/13 Provider Access Availity Web Portal
07/12/13 Self-service web tools Other Payer Liability (OPL)
07/10/13 Medicare Duplicate Claims and Pricing Requirement
06/20/13 EDI Edit Change Occurrence Code 55
04/10/13 Explanation of Benefit Reference Based Benefits
04/02/13 Independent Clinical Labs BCBSKS Claims Filing Process
02/20/13 National Drug Code (NDC) NDC format change due to HIPAA 5010
12/28/12 Group Update 2013 State of Kansas and Federal Employee Program Member Benefits
07/27/12 Health Care Reform Preventive Services Women's Preventive Services effective 8/1/12
06/25/12 Healthcare Reform Initiatives Consumer Transparency
04/18/12 Patient Reason for Visit (PRV) Clarification of HIPAA 5010 Requirement for PRV
04/17/12 Blue National Doctor & Hospital Finder Locating a Contracting BCBSKS Provider
03/21/12 Availity Health Information Network BCBSKS now on Availity Portal
01/25/12 BCBSKS Member Eligibility and Claim Status information on Availity Availity roll-out delayed
01/01/12 Group Update 2012 Federal Employee Program (FEP) Changes
01/01/12 Group Update 2012 State of Kansas Changes
08/22/11 Medicare Mass Adjustment Change in Automatic Crossover for Medicare Mass Adjustments will include FEP
08/01/11 BCBSKS Secure Access Changes in the display of BlueAccess Web pages
07/14/11 Medicare Mass Adjustments Change in Automatic Crossover for Medicare Mass Adjustments
06/30/11 Benefit Changes Member Contracts Effective 7/1/2011
04/22/11 HIPAA 5010 BCBSKS Testing HIPAA 5010
01/14/11 Inquiries Authenticating a Provider
01/14/11 Claim Processing Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Claims Secondary to Medicare
01/05/11 Claim Processing Category III Codes
12/30/10 Policy Guideline Limited Patient Waiver
12/21/10 Special Group Updates 2011 Federal Employee Program Changes
12/21/10 Special Group Updates 2011 State of Kansas Changes
12/13/10 HIPAA 5010 HIPAA 5010 Requirements - UB04 Change
12/06/10 Boeing Network New Boeing Benefits Administrator
11/23/10 Claim Denials Medical Records Request
10/11/10 Medical Policies and Precertification/ Pre-authorization Medical Policy and Pre-Certification/ Pre-Authorization Router
08/17/10 Secondary to Medicare Claims UPDATE: Part A Crossover Problem
07/26/10 Secondary to Medicare Claims Part A Crossover Problem
07/23/10 BlueCard Medicare Advantage Billing Reminder
07/19/10 Blue Access Secure Services Deleting Provider Profiles
07/12/10 Claim Denials Invalid Identification Numbers
06/28/10 Walmart Walmart: New ID Cards
06/23/10 Point of Origin & Condition Code Changes UB04 Claim Filing
05/21/10 HIPAA 5010 HIPAA 5010 Requirements
04/28/10 HCPCS Codes

New HCPCS Codes Effective April 1, 2010

03/10/10 BlueCard Calling BlueCard® for Eligibility and/or Pre-Certification/Prior Authorization
01/19/10 Mental Health Parity 10-01 Mental Health Parity
12/21/09 2010 Special Groups update
09-15 Federal Employee Program (FEP) and State of Kansas Employee (SOK) Groups
12/14/09 Walmart Behavioral Health Services 09-14 Walmart Associates To Obtain Pre-authorization from New Directions
11/23/09 Updated: Secondary to Medicare Claims 09-13 Blue Cross Claims Secondary To Medicare: Update
11/16/09 Boeing CAP Network
Newsletter replaced. Refer to Contracting Hospitals October 15, 2010 newsletter.
09-12 Boeing to Utilize CAP Network
11/16/09 BlueCard 09-11 BlueCard Provider Appeals
08/10/09 Medical Policies 09-10 Providers Are Encouraged To Review Online Medical Policies And Sign Up For ListServ
06/30/09 BlueCard International 09-09 Acquisition by Triple-S of La Cruz Azul's Managed Care Portfolio
06/16/09 Member Questionnaire 09-08 Other Party Liability
05/26/09 Billing 09-07 Accident Claim Guidelines
04/23/09 State of Kansas 09-06 Claim Adjustment Timeliness
04/22/09 Blue Select & Premier Blue 09-05 Blue Select & Premier Blue Discontinued
02/02/09 Secondary to Medicare Claims 09-04 New Warning Edits
01/29/09 Mental Health Prior Authorization 09-03 New Direction
01/19/09 Premier Blue 09-02 Premier Blue Discontinued
01/09/09 2009 Special Groups Update 09-01 Federal Employee Program (FEP) and State of Kansas Employee Group
10/10/08 Enhanced Claim Status and Eligibility Inquiry Process 10-10 Enhanced Claim Status and Eligibility Inquiry Process
09/15/08 ID Cards 08-03 New Id Cards Arriving This Fall
04/17/2008 Telephone Numbers 08-05 Telephone Directory
04/17/2008 NPI

08-04 National Provider Identifier – Implementation Complete May 23, 2008

01/29/2008 NPI 08-03 National Provider Identifier – Final Implementation on May 23, 2008