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Chiropractic Documentation

Gwen NelsonGwen Nelson
Professional Relations Representative

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is pleased to provide information with regard to Chiropractic Documentation. This Webinar will discuss documentation issues seen by BCBSKS, standards for patient's health records, signature requirements, SOAP notes, top reasons documentation fails an audit, responsibilities and reminders.

Questions and Answers from Live Webinar

Does the statement about the Chiropractic Assistants not being considered eligible providers mean that they are no longer allowed to perform therapies?
They are not considered eligible providers in the member contract. No, they should not be performing any therapies.
Does this mean that assistants can't perform ultrasound and/or apply pads for electrotherapy?
If they perform the service it cannot be billed to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas.
What is an easy way to do a self audit to make sure documentation I'm doing is correct?
I would suggest contacting the Kansas Chiropractic Association.
Do you have to document both short and long term goals on every visit or just beginning of series?
Once a treatment plan outlining both short and long term goals has been created, every visit should include any noted changes in patients condition related to those goals, as well as any changes to the goals themselves with noted updates.
If our intake form ask all the questions as far as social history, past medical conditions, etc. can that information just be transferred into the SOAP notes?
Yes, please include in the documentation narrative. Keep a copy of the form as a part of the medical record.

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