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Glossary of Health Insurance Terms

As you explore our site, you may come across an unfamiliar word or term. We've developed a glossary of health care terms we hope will help you.

Select one of the following letters to take you to the part of the alphabet that applies.


Gatekeeper - See "Primary Care Physician."

GMIS - See "ClaimCheck."

Grace Period - The time between which a rule or regulation is put in place and the time that it is enforced.

Group - A membership of members/members -patients enrolled in BCBSKS through a specific business organization, association, legal entity, or employer. BCBSKS sells two types of health insurance coverage related to this, group and non-group. See "Non-Group."

Group Conversion - When a member -patient elects to move from a specific group to non-group status and is paying premiums directly to BCBSKS.

Group Provider Number - See "Common Pay Provider Number" and "Individual Provider Number."