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FAQs - General

When is the BCBSKS website available?
Please note: The secure area of the bcbsks.com website is taken down for maintenance every Sunday. You will only be able to access this area after 2 am on Sundays (Central time).
How long can I be logged into the BCBSKS website?
If you're actively working in our website moving from page to page, there is no time limitation. If you're logged into the system but sitting idle, you will be automatically logged off after 30 minutes.
We use multiple provider numbers (hospital, CRNA, ER physician, etc.) do I have to set up a secure sign-on for each number?
Yes, a provider profile must be established for each billing NPI.
If I get a browser page that says 'page cannot be displayed', what does that mean?
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
Please review our Tech Support Q&A for assistance.
I have an established provider profile but can no longer access the secure section of the BCBSKS website. What could be the problem?
If you've previously been able to access our secure site but now cannot, it could mean that you need to update your Web browser. If you need assistance, go to the HELP section of our website and review the section titled TECH SUPPORT.
I'm subscribed to one of your electronic mailing lists but no longer want to be. How can I unsubscribe?
Each electronic mailing notice includes instructions on how to unsubscribe. This appears near the end of the message.
I'm subscribed to one of your electronic mailing lists and my email address is changing. What should I do?
BCBSKS does not automatically transfer your subscription from one email address to another. If you have an opportunity to unsubscribe as outlined in the question above, please do so. You must re-subscribe to the electronic mailing lists of your choice using your new email address.
Who do I call if I have trouble signing on to the secure sections of the BCBSKS website?
Contact EDI Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas at:
Topeka Local (785) 291-4178
Toll Free (800) 472-6481

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