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FAQs - Claim Status

Pending claims are shown on the claims list, where do I find out why the claim is pending?

The Internet transaction shows those claims that are being processed but have not been completed. Please check back on the site in the next few days. You may receive either a contact requesting additional information or information about how the claim has been processed in the mail.

How do you change your User ID?

The User ID cannot be changed by the user. If there is a need to change this ID the user will need to contact Customer Service to have the ID deleted. The user would then need to create a new profile.

How far back is claims information available?

Approximately 18 months. It can be longer if the claim was just processed by Medicare.

Message on claim tells you that additional information was requested from the provider or patient, but doesn't tell you what information is needed. Will that change?

This has been requested and will be a future enhancement.

Will BCBS secondary claims appear on this system?

Some secondary claims show now but they are sporadic. We are working on a project that would allow all secondary claims to show.

Will out of state (ITS) or Special (Boeing) (FEP) claims appear on this system?

At this time we do not have any plans to incorporate this into our site.

How long can I be logged into the Claims Status transaction?

You will be logged off after 10 minutes sitting idle. You will not be logged out if you are actively going from page to page.

Browser says page cannot be displayed. What does this mean?

This means you need to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Netscape with 128 bit encryption. Instructions are provided in the Site Help section of bcbsks.com.