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HIPAA Security

Information security has always been emphasized as good business, and it continues to be emphasized with HIPAA regulations. The final security rule has been published and has been implemented at BCBSKS.

Although regulations are centered on information received, housed and transmitted electronically, they also incorporate the need for a reasonable security strategy to be documented and taught to all employees.

An important point to security is the standard of reasonable safeguards. It is unlikely that one would be able to protect against every type of intrusion, natural hazard or malicious intent to access individually identifiable information; however reasonable safeguards should be established for the protection of information in your business environment.

BCBSKS has conducted a thorough security evaluation of its systems. Steps have been taken to place greater security measures to ensure that information exchange is protected and access to the systems by providers or other business associates are conducted through secure channels.

Providers are responsible for maintaining their own access passwords, and providers need to establish a profile unique to them in order to communicate electronically with BCBSKS.

For the latest information about HIPAA Security, check out the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website.