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In 2013, BCBSKS began sharing information through the use of Webinars. You can still listen to these at your computer or wherever you take your portable media device.

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2009 Archived ProviderCasts

Physical Medicine for 2010 (December 21, 2009) - Details on changes to CPT coding for Physical Medicine in 2010.

Extended ProviderCast: HITECH (November 12, 2009) - In this extended ProviderCast, Dan Roehler, BCBSKS manager of regulatory compliance and privacy officer, discusses the HITECH Act, its subsequent regulations and their implications for provider offices.

Healthy Options Disease Management (September 3, 2009) - Information on the Healthy Options Disease Management program available for BCBSKS members.

ICD-10 (July 30, 2009) - Information regarding the upcoming mandatory change from 1CD-9 to ICD-10 coding.

Advantages of CAP Contracting (July 02, 2009) - An overview of the advantages of contracting through the Competitive Allowance Program.

HIPAA 5010 (May 21, 2009) - Details on the new version of HIPAA, what changes provider offices can expect and when the changes must be made.

Provider Data Quality Initiative (April 09, 2009) - Information regarding the launch of the provider data quality initiative and how it impacts provider offices.

BlueCard® (March 26, 2009) - An introduction to BlueCard including information on filing BlueCard claims, identifying BlueCard members, and the appeals process for BlueCard claims.

Accident Coding for Institutional Providers (March 12, 2009) - Information for institutional providers regarding proper accident coding when filing claims to BCBSKS.

Accident Coding for Professional Providers (March 12, 2009) - Information for professional providers regarding proper accident coding when filing claims to BCBSKS.

Universal Provider Datasource (February 26, 2009) - Information regarding the process and benefits of using the CAQH Universal Provider Datasource.