Increased Productivity. Improved Health. Reduced Medical Costs

Recent studies have found that up to 70% of all healthcare costs are the result of the poor lifestyle choices we make. By providing the right tools and resources, including effective incentive plans, HealthyFit proactively encourages your employees to live healthier lifestyles. This results in increased job satisfaction and lower overall healthcare costs.

Since HealthyFit burst into the market in 2005, this innovative, turn-key wellness program has been implemented successfully in more than 170 companies across the country. More than 120,000 employees have taken advantage of the health and wellness benefits HealthyFit provides.

HealthyFit brings a variety of wellness programs to your workplace to create an environment that will support healthy choices and lifestyle changes. Combined with the right incentives, you can help your employees make the commitment to better health. Our team will work closely with you through each step to ensure your program is a success.

More Information

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