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Choosing a plan that's right for you

You may get a headache pondering the small print of a policy, but the basic idea behind health insurance is simple: It helps cover your costs if you need medical care.

So why does it have to be so complicated? All the terminology associated with health insurance can be confusing when you're trying to choose a plan. Learning about the general types of available coverage can help.

Traditional plans - In this system, the doctor or hospital charges a fee for medical care. In most cases, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas contracting provider will send the claim to us for payment.

Most traditional plans require you to share in the cost in some way, in addition to your premium responsibility. This out-of-pocket amount is what you incur before insurance benefits begin to pay. Under most plans of this type, you can see any doctor you choose, including specialists. At BCBSKS, traditional benefit plans include:

What's the difference

With a wide variety of benefit options available - from the most basic to a very comprehensive plan - you will want to select a plan that will meet your most crucial needs.

BCBSKS listens when our customers tell us what they want included in their health care coverage. The following are standard benefits we offer:

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