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Whether you’re looking to meet personal or business needs, Advance Insurance Company of Kansas (AICK) is here to help. AdvanceCare Simple term life insurance may be the choice for you.

Term life insurance is designed to provide protection for the period, or “term” for which a premium is paid (for one month, three months or one year) and features lower initial rates than other forms of coverage. AdvanceCare Simple offers you:

  • $10,000 face amount*
  • 10-year level premium
  • Competitive premiums
  • Simple enrollment application − simplified
  • Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment Rider ($10,000) and/or Child Rider ($5,000)

Below are sample monthly premium prices for ages 27, 36, 45 and 52. These male/female rates are for persons who do not use any form of tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or chewing tobacco).

Age Male Female
27 $2.98 $2.94
36 $4.11 $4.39
45 $7.48 $7.36
52 $10.53 $10.25

We also offer term product choices – so that the coverage you select best matches your needs. Another life product, AdvanceCare Choice, allows you to select coverage up to $60,000 at a lower cost with full medical underwriting. Contact us for more details.

*The death benefit is reduced for the first two policy years for non-accidental death.

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  • Email: Send a note to Please provide a daytime phone number in your message indicating where and when you can be reached. All requests will be responded to via phone within two business days.