Plan 150

Apply Now Who is Eligible?
You must be a Kansas resident who lives in any county, excluding Johnson and Wyandotte counties, to apply.

Plan 150 coverage is available for:

  • individual only
  • individual/spouse
  • individual/children
  • individual/spouse/children
  • Any unmarried, dependent children are covered to age 23.

Persons with a known history of cancer are not eligible for this coverage. Benefit payments are limited to the treatment of cancer, as defined in the contract.

Benefits are not provided under hospital admission* for: medically unnecessary services, experimental or unproven services or psychiatric services.

Application is subject to acceptance or approval by the insurer. This is a cancer-only plan that provides limited coverage. Please read the contract carefully.

Premiums are reviewed annually.

*The definition of hospital admission does not include a nursing home, convalescent home or extended care facility admission.

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