Plan 65

Questions Regarding Disability

How does Plan 65 differ for those under 65 with a disability?
The Plan 65 coverage is exactly the same.

Do I have to answer health questions to qualify for disability?
If you are within six months of your Medicare Part B effective date, then you are not required to answer the health questions. If you are past that initial six-month period, you will need to answer health questions to determine whether you qualify for Plan 65. If you received Medicare Part B retroactively, the six-month open enrollment period will start on the date your Medicare Part B became effective which will be stated in a letter from Medicare.

What if I am disabled, but turning 65?
The open enrollment period will begin again the month you turn 65. This allows you to enroll in a Plan 65 policy without health questions. If you already have Plan 65, you can also select a different policy at this time.