Plan 65

Questions Regarding Guarantee Issue

What situations qualify as Guarantee Issue?
You are guaranteed coverage in one of these situations: you are losing your current coverage through no fault of your own, such as retiring; your current carrier becomes insolvent or substantially violated a "material provision of the policy"; the plan has been terminated or is discontinuing providing benefits to the service area where you live; you move out of the service area; the plan or agent materially misrepresented the policy in marketing; any other reason specified by Health and Human Services; or you lose eligibility for health benefits under Medicaid (Title XIX of Social Security).

How long do I have to be considered Guarantee Issue?
You have 63 days from the date your other coverage terminated to apply with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas.

What information do I need to be considered Guarantee Issue?
You will need to supply us with documented proof of your loss of coverage. If your coverage was with an HMO, you will need to supply us with information about the company and tell us if you moved out of their coverage area; and we will need to know the date your coverage is ending.