Plan 65

Here are the 2015 premiums for someone who is 65 years old. Select the Plan name to read a description of what is covered by each one. Please note: Plan 65-Select plans are available in a limited number of Kansas counties and have hospital limitations. The following premiums are effective through December 31, 2015 and are subject to change after that date.

Age 65 Plan A Plan C Plan F Plan K Plan N
$107.18 $138.90 $144.43 $73.85 $107.31
Plan C Select Plan F Select Plan K Select
$98.82 $105.03 $58.38


Here is a list of key services not covered by Plan 65 Benefit Plans.

  • Custodial nursing home care.
  • Intermediate nursing home care costs.
  • Most dental care and hospital admissions for such care. Examples are treatment, filling, removal or replacement of teeth, root canal therapy, surgery for impacted teeth, and other surgical procedures involving the teeth or structures directly supporting the teeth.
  • Routine physical examinations and tests, routine foot care, and immunizations except injection of pneumococcal vaccine, mammograms and prostate exams.
  • Hearing aids and examinations for them, or consultations about them.
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses and examinations for them, or consultations about them, unless for replacement of the lens following cataract surgery.
  • Benefits considered medically unnecessary by a committee of doctors representing Medicare and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas will not be paid.

Plan 65-Select Hospital Limitations

Plan 65-Select plans offer a lower monthly premium and hospital network limitations. In other words, you can reduce your premium if you agree to use a "select" network hospital in the service area where you enroll for all hospital care that is not an emergency. (If you receive non-emergency hospital services at a non-network hospital, you will be responsible for payment of the Part A deductible and applicable coinsurance charges.)

If your doctor does not have admitting privileges to a network hospital, you must have your doctor refer you to another doctor who has admitting privileges to a network hospital. Or you may choose another doctor who can admit you to a network hospital.

If you move outside of the hospital network service area, you may continue to use a network hospital. If your move is permanent and it's no longer convenient for you to use a network hospital, you have the opportunity to convert to a Plan 65 non-restricted policy.


Contact us about Plan 65 or Plan 65-Select Benefit Plans at 1-800-752-6650 outside Topeka or 785-291-4301 in Topeka.

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