COPD - Management

COPD cannot be cured but you can do a lot to keep it in control.

Stop smoking
If you smoke, quitting is the most important thing you can do. It is the only action that may stop your disease from getting worse. Stay away from secondhand smoke because it also is harmful.

Start or increase your activity level
Being active can give you more energy. It can help tone your muscles, like those you use to breathe.

Eat healthful foods
Making healthy food choices will provide you with the energy needed for your daily activities. The nutrients provided by eating fresh fruits and vegetables also may help fight infections and illnesses.

Maintain a healthy weight
Being overweight makes your heart and lungs work harder – making it harder to breathe. Being underweight may make you feel weak and tired – which makes you more prone to getting an infection.

Talk with your health care practitioner about what you should weigh. Ask him or her to help you develop a healthy eating and exercise plan.

Get the vaccines you need
They can help keep you from getting the flu and pneumonia. Those are infections that can hurt your lungs. Ask your health care practitioner which shots to get and when.

Avoid pollutants
Try to stay away from secondhand smoke, and frequent exposure to dust and chemicals.

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