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New Kansas Health Data System (KHDS) Abstract File Layout

  1. Due to ICD-10 code length expansion a rewrite of our file layout and abstracting system is required. Attached is the KHDS file layout specification document.
  2. This new layout will be required starting with October 1, 2015 discharges.
  3. We will begin accepting the new layout anytime as part of our testing.
  4. The main changes include the following:
    1. Expanding diagnosis codes from 5 to 7 characters.
    2. Adding twelve ‘External Cause of Injury (ECI)’ fields including dates and POA indicators. These are for ICD-10 codes beginning with V, W, X and Y. ICD-9 e-codes are not to be used here. The ICD-9 e-codes will continue to go in the regular diagnosis code positions until October 1, 2015 discharges.
    3. Expanding physician numbers from 6 to 10. The National Provider Identifier (NPI number) will be the standard for this field replacing the previous six digit hospital defined number. Fields affected include Attending Physician, Other Physician, Consulting Physicians and Surgeons.
    4. Removing Special Unit 2 and Special Unit 2 days.
    5. Adding a field for Ethnicity.
    6. Removing the number of consultations a physician performed.
    7. Expanding the file layout length from 1300 to 1700.
    8. The current file layout was used as a basis for the revised file so the file (with one exception) did not change until position 173. The exception is the ethnicity field which replaced filler in position 157.
    9. Coder identification. Positions 173-175. This is for coder initials or identification – three characters.
    10. The procedure code length did not change as we previously had 7 characters. Only 4 of these were being utilized. The ICD-10 procedure codes are all 7 characters long.
  5. The files will need to be sent through the FTP server or secure email application preferably the Blue Cross and Blue Shield recommended Zix application.
  6. Frontend adherence to the edit specifications and requirements will support a smooth transition and eliminate backend error correction for KHDS and hospital staff.
  7. The files need to contain one month of data during testing.
  8. The files are due 45 days from the end of the month.
  9. If you are not familiar with the KHDS abstracting process or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 785-291-8830 or Todd.Colglazier@bcbsks.com. During the testing phase, please submit all files to me. After you are approved for production (5% error rate or less) the files will be sent to khds@bcbsks.com.



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