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Frequently Asked Questions

Plan 65

updated April 2013

Will we now have prescription drug coverage added to our Plan 65 policies, rather than having to have a separate Part D policy?
The new law does not eliminate the Part D prescription drug plan nor does it allow prescription drug coverage to be included in standard Medicare supplement plans. Your Plan 65 policy through Blue Cross will continue to pay secondary to Medicare Parts A and B, which will remain your primary payer. To have coverage for prescription drugs, you will need to continue to carry a separate Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.
Will my current Medicare or Plan 65 benefits be cut because of the federal health care reform law?
No. The law does not contain cuts to your guaranteed Medicare Part A and B benefits, nor does the law require Blue Cross to lessen the benefits we offer you as part of your Plan 65 Medicare supplement plan. You will have some additional Medicare benefits you do not have today, including Medicare-covered preventive services.
Will Medicare cover adult dependents in the same way that private health insurance will?
No. The provision related to coverage for dependents up to age 26 does not apply to Medicare.
Does the new federal health care reform law change Medicare Advantage plans?
Yes, under the new law, government payments to Medicare Advantage – health plans run by some private insurers but a product not offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas – will be reduced during the next decade. Currently, Medicare Advantage plans often offer extra benefits that beneficiaries in traditional Medicare do not get. It is possible that some of these extras may change, and premiums and benefits may change due to the reductions in government payments.

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