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We will succeed

March 23, 2010

A message to our members

During the past several months, many of you have asked what will become of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas as the winds of change create a new health care marketplace. We do support changes that will improve our system and offer all Americans access to quality, affordable health care.

As we move forward in 2010 and beyond, rest assured that our 1,450 employees will continue to work hard for our members. We will continue to offer you award-winning customer service, quick and accurate payment of claims, and programs that help you achieve and maintain better health, while also taking the steps necessary to keep our health insurance products affordable.

At the same time, we will prepare our company for the changes health care reform brings to our industry. We will understand what is required of us to comply with any new laws and regulations. We will take the steps necessary to succeed in a new marketplace.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas has served Kansans for nearly 70 years, and we will continue that long, dependable tradition for future generations of Kansans. We are determined to remain a strong, vibrant and successful health insurer that Kansans can count on.

Andrew C. Corbin, President/CEO BCBSKSAndrew C. Corbin
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas