What We're Doing - Community Health Programs

We are taking steps to increase our emphasis on wellness and prevention. Our member newsletters and the Be Healthy section of this website feature articles that promote wellness and healthy lifestyles.

Through our Healthy Competition campaign, we alert teenagers and young adults to the health problems they put themselves at risk for by using performance-enhancing drugs. Materials for people who want to quit smoking are available on this site.

We take a strong stance against domestic violence, supporting shelters and organizations that offer services to victims. We have developed a program for our own employees who may be victims of domestic violence, and are willing to share this program with other employers. Shield Against Violent Environments, or SAVE, provides a safe work environment for employees and gives them access to community resources.

For more information on starting a domestic violence awareness and prevention program at your place of work, contact Marlou Wegener, manager of community relations, at (785) 291-7246 or email her at marlou.wegener@bcbsks.com.

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