What We're Doing - Working with Medical Providers

Some of the best solutions for controlling health care costs will happen when we work closely with the people who deliver health care. We seek input from a variety of active medical providers on treatment options and medical care. These people offer feedback and suggest improvements through 18 specialty liaison committees.

We are working to create a plan to better use radiology and imaging technology by taking a close look at the number of X-ray, CAT, MRI and PET facilities in the state, and how they are used. According to Health Care News, the United States has 7.6 MRI machines per one million people. That would mean that Kansas should have 19 machines. In reality, we have 47 in the 103 counties we serve. By comparison, the state of Michigan – with almost four times our population – has only 48 machines.

Our goal is to find the most cost-effective ways to use this technology.

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