What We're Doing - Develop Pharmacy Programs

Kansas currently lags behind the national average when it comes to using generic drugs. However, for every 1 percent increase we have in the use of generic drugs, as opposed to their brand-name counterpart, more than $816,000 in claims expense would be saved. Millions of dollars could be saved if more people chose generic drugs.

Generic Drugs ComparisonWe partner with Prime Therapeutics, LLC, our pharmacy benefits manager, on programs that encourage use of generics or offer savings on brand-name drugs. We also use a preferred medication list (also known as a formulary). A formulary is a list of commonly prescribed medications chosen for their clinical superiority, safety and effectiveness by a team of doctors and pharmacists. A new three-tiered benefit design works in conjunction with the formulary to offer three levels of copayment. The lowest copayment is for generic drugs.

For those members who are 65 or older and have Medicare supplemental coverage, we offer ScriptSave, America’s leading prescription drug discount program. Plan 65 members saved more than $7.76 million in drug costs in 2003 by using their ScriptSave card.

See the Prescription Drug section for more information on this important subject.

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