What We're Doing - Provider Contracts

As the state's largest health insurer, serving nearly 785,000 Kansans who carry a Blue Cross and Blue Shield card, we are able to work with health care providers and hospitals to provide you appropriate medical care at a lower cost.

In exchange for the steady volume of insured patients and timely payment of claims, doctors and hospitals that contract with us agree to provide services at a discounted fee. In addition, they agree to accept our allowance as “payment in full.” They will only bill you for deductibles, coinsurance or copayments. The discounted difference between the provider’s charge and our allowance is forgiven.

Each year, such agreements save our members hundreds of millions of dollars. The total savings our members realized in 2003 was more than $619 million. This would be a substantial amount to add to everyone’s premiums if these contracts did not exist.

You can see how much you save each time you check out your claims information in the secure section of this site or receive a “Explanation of Benefits” for services you received from a contracting provider. The amount listed in the “Provider Write-Off” column of the EOB statement shows how much you saved because of our contracts.

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