How You Can Help - Reduce Your Doctor Bills

  • Remember that there is usually nothing a doctor can do to speed your recovery from a cold. In all likelihood, he or she will simply recommend over-the-counter medications and plenty of rest and fluids. Don’t be demanding of an office visit.
  • Don’t expect a prescription for medicine each time you visit the doctor. You can help lower costs by finding out how the medication will help you, and whether there is a generic or less-expensive over-the-counter version of the drug. If your doctor gives you a free sample of a brand-name drug, still ask about a generic version when he or she writes you a prescription.
  • Ask questions about why the tests are being done, if they are really necessary and what your options are. You may decide to take a more conservative approach.
  • If you should change doctors or visit a specialist, don’t waste your time and money on tests that you’ve already had done. Simply get your previous practitioner to forward your records to the new doctor or specialist.

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