Importance of Health Insurance

Like other forms of insurance, health insurance offers you protection from catastrophic financial loss.

Through the years, however, Kansans have changed their expectations of health insurance. Simply stated, they expect more from their health insurance plan.

For example, when you purchase auto insurance, you know that it will cover you in the event of an accident. However, you don’t expect it to cover general repairs on your vehicle. You also hope that you won’t have to file a claim because that means you’ve had an accident. You pay the premium and hope you will never need to use your benefits.

Not so with health insurance. People now expect their health insurance plan to cover major illnesses as well as everyday medical expenses. That includes doctors’ appointments, medication, and countless tests and procedures. The health insurance premiums Kansans pay are a reflection of what it costs to receive all those types of medical services, as well as protection from catastrophic loss.

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