The Cost of Health Care

When it comes to the cost of health insurance, many of our members ask two questions:

Those are legitimate questions. Unfortunately, there is no single, simple answer. There are many factors that are driving up the cost of health care. Some can be controlled, others cannot.

We are fortunate to live in a time when medical knowledge and technology are being used in amazing ways to save and extend our lives. However, these advances come with a huge price tag. As that price tag grows, the cost of health insurance rises, too. Each year, millions of Americans decide they simply cannot afford to pay for the financial protection that health insurance offers.

Health care costs can and must be brought under control. Doctors, hospitals, drug companies, lawmakers, insurance companies and consumers of medical services must work together to find solutions that will work in Kansas.

This section offers you information that we hope will give you a better understanding of why health insurance premiums increase in Kansas. In addition to looking at some of the cost drivers, you’ll find information on programs and services that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas uses to help control costs for our members. You’ll also find some helpful tips on ways that you can help control the cost of health care. By working together, we can find solutions to control costs.