A Company For All Kansans

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) is unlike any other health insurer serving the Wheat State – for many beneficial reasons.

MattoxFor example, we are the only mutual health insurance company based in Kansas. “Mutual” means our policyholders own BCBSKS. That’s why our focus is on our customers. We strive every day to keep health care available and affordable for everyone.

As a homegrown company, established in Kansas in 1942, we are historically sensitive to the desires of Kansans. We listen carefully to our state’s people and health care providers. And we continually respond by moving forward with innovative products to meet our customers’ needs. Our dedication to Kansas has led to solid growth. Adding 50,000 customers in two years, we’ve reached a 2006 total of more than 680,000 members. When you consider the additional Kansans we serve through our government contracts and those who live in our service area but carry an identification card from another Blue Cross company, we actually touch the lives of nearly 1.3 million Kansans.

Blue Cross is also financially strong and reliable, so Kansans can count on us for the future. And, as a Kansas company, our premium dollars stay at home, helping support the local and state economies.

We are proud of our Kansas heritage. And we hope you’ll agree that a steadfast, Kansas-based, mutual health insurer benefits everyone in our state in many ways.

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