Access To The Broadest Network of Providers

Health insurance is of little use if it is not recognized and welcomed by the health care providers you choose.

“Blue Cross works closely with medical professionals, updating policies to reflect our experience with advancing medical technology and procedures that are good for our patients.”
— Dr. Therese Cusick, Wichita Surgical Specialists

That is why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is especially proud to report that in our 103-county service area, 98 percent of physicians and general acute care hospitals, and 94 percent of other providers gladly accept a Blue Cross card.

Since 1942, we have built a strong collaboration with Kansas providers, with whom we share a common mission – working for the best interests of all Kansans in need of health care. We sponsor medical, hospital and dental advisory committees and specialty advisory groups that offer expert information on new medical technology and treatment options. No other health insurer operating in our state works so hard to keep abreast of the health advances that are best for Kansans.

What’s more, through BlueCard®, a cost-saving cooperative effort of the independent Blue Plans, our members receive the discounts that providers have agreed to with the local Blue Plan when receiving services away from home. BlueCard allows our members access to more than 90 percent of all doctors and 80 percent of hospitals in the U.S., as well as providers in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

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