Financial Strength And Reliability

Kansans want confidence that their health insurer will be there for them, no matter what the future may bring.

Such financial stability requires prudent fiscal management and strong policyholders’ reserves. Blue Cross is pleased to note that A.M. Best, the insurance industry’s most respected rating group, recognizes our financial strength with a rating of “A” or “excellent.” This rating reflects our strong reserves that help ensure our members’ claims will be paid now and in the future, regardless of potential catastrophic events. Strong reserves also allow us to continually invest in new technologies and programs that help enhance service and wellness for our members.

Benefit to Kansas Economy - 2005

Annual payroll: $92,524,800
Total employees: 1,842
Payroll taxes
 (BCBSKS and Employees)
Federal income tax: $38,930,500
Personal property tax: $621,300
Real estate tax: $549,400
Premium taxes: $8,209,600
Total taxes paid: $61,295,900
Claims paid:  
BCBSKS/Premier Blue/ASO: $1,409,652,000
Medicare*: $2,777,695,000
Claims processed:  
BCBSKS/Premier Blue/ASO: 16,688,019
Medicare*: 20,218,485
* Includes claims processed and paid for beneficiaries in Kansas, Nebraska and Northwest Missouri

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