Offering Beneficial Health & Wellness

Health and wellness is good for the individual and his or her family, and also for the community as a whole.

In addition to living longer, healthier, more productive lives, the healthier Kansans are, the less health care they require. And that helps keep everyone’s health care costs lower. That’s why BCBSKS strives to be an active partner in helping our members maintain good health.

We provide valuable health information to our members via newsletters and educational campaigns. Our website,, is a convenient resource for those seeking information and support on topics of special interest to them.

Blue Cross members are automatically eligible for Resource Blue, our free value-added discount and health and wellness program. In the Resource Blue section of our website, members can find extensive information on complementary and alternative medicine resources; browse through in-depth disease and health condition centers; and take advantage of discounts on eyewear, hearing aids, vitamins and more.

Our voluntary Healthy Options disease care management initiatives help improve the overall health of members with chronic health conditions by providing education, tools and one-on-one support. This doctor-directed, nurse-managed program offers telephone care management for our members with asthma, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease and diabetes. The nurse care manager can assist the member in identifying risk factors, coach the member on appropriate self-management skills to improve overall health, and provide ongoing encouragement.

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