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Kansas People - Kansas Values

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is proud of our long tradition of service to our state, and we’d like to introduce you to some of the high-quality companies doing great work right here in Kansas. Hear how some of our customers rely on us to be their advocate for health care coverage.


Michael Treanor videoMichael Treanor
Treanor Architects

Kevin Harrington videoKevin Harrington
Marlow White

Susayn Brandes videoSusayn Brandes
CEO, Chairman
Great Plains Ventures

Mike Estes video Mike Estes
V.P./Store Manager

Sharon Burt video Sharon Burt
V.P. Human Resources
Crestwood, Inc.


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Kevin Harrington print ad Kevin Harrington
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Susayn Brandes print ad Susayn Brandes
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Mike Estes print adMike Estes
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Sharon Burt print adSharon Burt
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