Blue in the Community - Chase Middle School

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas became a business partner with Chase Middle School in 2004 by providing a variety of resources to assist Chase with educating students in grades 6-8.

The partnership began when a BCBSKS vice president participated in the Principal for a Day program in early 2004 and found the resources available at Chase to be limited. He proposed a partnership that would help Chase meet some needs where resources were not otherwise available. A team of employees then identified some older office equipment and technology to donate to the school and facilitated the setup of the equipment. BCBSKS continues to donate used equipment to Chase Middle School and funds some of the school's educational wish list each semester. Members of the BCBSKS staff previously volunteered in the Principal for Day program at Chase.

In response to the partnership, Chase Middle School sends students to BCBSKS for special music performances, provides samples of student art and other work for posting and offers other benefits as the partnership grows.

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