Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Enrollment Questions

When can someone, other than a newborn, be added to a policy?

Individuals may be added to a policy upon completion and acceptance of a Health Profile. A change form then must be completed and returned to make the status change.

How is a newborn child added to a policy?

A change form needs to be submitted within 31 days of the birth of the newborn, if the policy currently covers a child or children. The newborn's coverage is effective on the birth date.

If the current policy does not cover children, BCBSKS must receive a change form within 31 days of the baby's birth in order to change the policy to one that does cover children. If BCBSKS doesn't receive the change form within 31 days of the birth, a health profile will need to be reviewed by our underwriting department to determine eligibility to be added to the existing policy.

You can obtain a copy of the change form on this site.

What should happen if a member gets a divorce?

A change form must be completed within 31 days, and BCBSKS must receive the request for change within 45 days of the date the divorce is granted by a court of law. The effective date will be the first of the month following the date the divorce is granted.

What should happen if a member reaches age 65?

Employees or spouses covered under your health plan will be notified three months before their 65th birthday of the options available for continued coverage upon turning age 65, whether or not they retire.

At age 65 options include:

Enrolling in one of our Medicare Supplement Plan 65 or Plan 65-Select benefit plans, or
Continuing coverage under their current health care plan. Medicare benefits will not be included in their claims reimbursement.

How do I pay without a bill?

If you know the premium amount, you can send a check to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, PO Box 239, Topeka, KS 66629-0001. Please write your business group identification number (beginning with M00) in the lower left hand corner of your check.

ACH - Check by Phone
Individual members can contact our office to pay by check and will need to provide the following information:
Your name, telephone number, member identification number, member name (if you are calling on behalf of another member), the month the payment(s) is for, amount you are paying, bank name, bank routing number (9 digit number), the account number (starting number should not be greater than 3) and the name on the account.

You will then be provided with a confirmation number and your payment transaction will be received by your financial institution within one to three business days.

Is the Automatic Payment Option available for my business-billed plan?

Yes, to go on automatic payment complete an Automatic Payment Authorization form and return it to us with a voided deposit slip. If it is received within five working days left in the month, the automatic payment will become effective the first of the month following receipt. If it is received with less than five working days left in the month, BCBSKS will need another month's payment before the automatic payment will become effective.