Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

When is our premium payment due in Topeka?

Your BCBSKS coverage is a prepaid health plan. Therefore, payment is due no later than the first of the month. Premiums must be submitted before claims will be paid for that period of time.

How do I remove someone from our billing?

Mark through the name of the person to be dropped from your bill and write us a note telling why the person is being dropped, deduct his or her premiums from your total and indicate a current mailing address so we can bill the member at home. Coverage will automatically continue unless we are otherwise notified. (Those on the automatic payment plan need to contact our office within the month cancellation is being requested.)

Can a husband and wife with no dependent children enroll as two individuals?

No, unless both the husband and wife are employed by your company.

How do I enroll an employee?

Your employee must complete a Health Profile form to determine eligibility. If the employee is approved, premium information will be sent with the final paperwork.

How do I help a member change from individual to two-or-more-person coverage, change an employee's name or address, or add dependents to the coverage?

In most cases if the coverage is to be changed from individual to two-or-more person coverage due to marriage, birth or adoption of a child or some other reason, the applicant will need to send a change form, along with a Health Profile form. To change a name or address, complete a change form in the Forms section of this site.

What happens when a dependent is no longer eligible for coverage?

A sponsored membership may be offered when a dependent is no longer eligible for coverage, such as reaching the age limit, marrying or another change of status causing them to lose coverage. Please contact our office for options available. (The dependent must be a resident in the BCBSKS service area, which includes all counties of Kansas, except Johnson and Wyandotte counties.)

Who is not eligible to apply for coverage through our business?

  • People over age 65
  • Retirees of your business
  • Non-employees
  • Sub-contractors, "commission-only" employees

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