Mail Order FAQs

Why should I use PrimeMail to fill my prescriptions?

PrimeMail offers you convenient prescription delivery to your home or office with refill amounts and dates noted on your prescription label.

What if I want to order from PrimeMail, but I need my medication right away?

Ask your doctor for two prescriptions — one for a 30-day supply to fill immediately at a local retail pharmacy and one for up to the maximum-day supply allowed by your program to fill at PrimeMail pharmacy.

Can I call in directly to PrimeMail for refills?

Yes. You may call 877-35-PRIME -(877-357-7463) to order refills through PrimeMail’s automated refill system. You may also reorder online at

How can I pay for my prescriptions?

You may pay via personal check, money order or credit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover). Paying with a credit card is the most convenient method for members, as PrimeMail can retain the information on file for future prescription orders.

How long does it take for my PrimeMail prescription order to arrive?

Prescriptions ordered through the mail will arrive via U.S. Mail in 10 to 14 days. Prescriptions ordered through Internet or phone offer quicker turnaround, because the front-end mail time is eliminated. Your PrimeMail prescription label will indicate a date to refill your prescription three weeks prior to the end of your current supply.

My doctor wrote one 30-day prescription with two refills. Can you combine this and send me a 90-day supply?

No. PrimeMail Pharmacy must follow your doctor’s directions exactly as they are written on the prescription. To receive 90 days of medication all at once, you will need a new prescription from your doctor, rewritten for a 90-day supply with up to three refills.

Can I get controlled substance prescriptions from PrimeMail pharmacy?

Yes. Controlled substance prescriptions, such as Ritalin, Xanax, Valium or Vicodin, are available through PrimeMail. Your refill amounts may be limited for controlled substance medications in accordance with applicable pharmacy regulations.

Should I request generic drugs for my prescription?

Yes. Ask your doctor for the cost-effective generic alternatives to your brand-name medications to reduce cost without sacrificing the quality or effectiveness of the drug. Generic drugs must meet the same FDA standards for purity, safety, strength and effectiveness as brand-name drugs.

Will PrimeMail pharmacists automatically substitute a generic medication?

PrimeMail Pharmacy will dispense FDA-approved generic equivalents when available and appropriate.

Why do I need a new original prescription?

Because refills of previously filled mail prescriptions are not transferable to PrimeMail.