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Substance Abuse Facilities - 1994

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12/30/1994Western ResourcesSA94-11 Western Resources Retiree Group
12/30/1994Government EmployeesSA94-10 Government Employees Hosp Assoc
12/06/1994Mental HealthSA94-9 FEP '95 Mental Health & Sub Abuse Benefits
12/06/1994Substance AbuseSA94-9 FEP '95 Sub Abuse & Mental Health Benefits
12/06/1994FEPSA94-9 Mental Health & Substance Abuse Benefits, FEP 1995
12/06/1994NASCO AccountsSA94-8 NASCO Accounts
10/05/1994ITSSA94-6 Interplan Teleprocessing System
10/05/1994NASCO AccountsSA94-7 NASCO Account
09/09/1994Other PhysicianSA94-5 Other Physician Information, Reporting
08/22/1994Waiting PeriodsSA94-4 Waiting Periods
08/22/1994NASCO AccountsSA94-3 NASCO Accounts
05/19/1994Personal FinancialSA94-2 Personal Financial Obligation, Notice Of
05/06/1994CAP ContractSA94-1 CAP Contract
03/10/1994ElectronicElectronic Mail for Newsletters
03/07/1994Ancillary ServicesAncillary Svcs, Inpatient Stay Not Medically Necessary
03/07/1994IRSInternal Revenue Form 1099
03/07/1994Western EuropeBC93-9 Western Europe, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of
03/07/1994Boeing Medical PlanBC93-9 Boeing ID Card/Phone # Change
03/07/1994Managed BenefitsBC93-9 Managed Benefits Activity
03/07/1994NASCO AccountsSA93-8 NASCO, Nat'l Acct Svc Co System Accounts
03/07/1994Operating EngineersSA93-8 Operating Engineers Local 101 Health & Welfare Plan
03/07/1994Small Group InsSA93-8 Small Group Insurance
03/07/1994Coordin.of BenefitsSA93-6 COB/Duplicate Coverage, Blue Cross as Secondary Payor
03/07/1994Ks Health Ins AssocSA93-7 Kansas Health Insurance Association Plan
03/07/1994Payless Shoe SourceSA93-6 Payless Shoe Source Offers Blue Select/CareNet
03/07/1994Blue SelectSA93-6 Blue Select/Carenet by Payless Shoe Source
03/07/1994Secondary PayorSA93-6 Blue Cross as Secondary Payor, COB/Duplicate Coverage
03/07/1994Boeing Medical PlanSA93-5 Boeing Medical Plan
03/07/1994PHC SA93-5 Preferred Health Care Ltd. (PHC)
03/07/1994Affiliated FoodsSA93-3 Affiliated Foods
03/07/1994Peabody Holding CoSA93-2 Peabody Holding Co., Inc.
03/07/1994Personal FinancialSA93-4 Personal Financial Obligation, Notice of
03/07/1994Boeing Medical PlanSA93-1 Boeing Medical Plan Update 1993