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Substance Abuse Facilities - 1995

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12/28/1995Manual RevisionSA95-19 Manual Rev #25
12/19/1995Personal FinancialSA95-18 Personal Financial Obligation, Notice Of
12/19/1995NASCO AccountsSA95-17 NASCO Account
12/19/1995SpiegelSA95-16 Spiegel, Inc.
12/19/1995FEPSA95-15 FEP-1996
12/19/1995Telephone NumbersSA95-14 Telephone Directory
12/05/1995Network OperationsSA95-13 Network Operations
12/04/1995Blue AdvantageSA95-12 Blue-Advantage
12/04/1995Blue Advantage, State of Ks Emp GrpSA95-11 State of Kansas Employee Group
11/27/1995Hallmark CardsSA95-10 Hallmark Cards Inc.
10/20/1995BlueCard Program, ITSSA95-9 ITS-BlueCard Program
08/07/1995Ks Health Ins Assoc, LaHood & AssociatesSA95-8 LaHood & Associates
08/07/1995ITS, Central Certificatio SA95-7 Central Cert.Groups&ITS
08/07/1995NASCO AccountsSA95-6 NASCO Accounts
08/07/1995Pre-Admission Cert, Managed Benefits, KMART CorpSA95-5 Kmart
06/28/1995SpiegelSA95-4 Spiegel, Inc.
02/02/1995WalmartSA95-3 Walmart & GEHA
02/02/1995Government EmployeesSA95-3 Government Employees Hospital Assoc & Walmart
01/20/1995WalmartSA95-2 Walmart
01/12/1995IRSInternal Revenue Form 1099
01/12/1995ContractsSA95-1 Insured's Contract Changes 1995