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Substance Abuse Facilities - 1998

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12/30/1998 Blue Advantage, Premier Blue, State of Ks Emp Grp 98-10 Ks Employees-Premier Blue
12/29/1998 Diabetic Education 98-9 Diabetic Education
12/29/1998 State of Ks Emp Grp 98-8 State of Ks Employee Group
12/29/1998 ID Card/Number, Premier Blue 98-7 New Alpha Prefix XSP
10/23/1998 FEP 98-6 FEP Consumer Bill of Rghts
10/23/1998 Caring Prog-Children 98-5 Caring Program, Children
09/18/1998 Telephone Numbers 98-4 Telephone Directory
02/26/1998 Appeals, Mental Health, Pre-Admission Cert 98-3 Pre-Admission Certif.
02/26/1998 Electronic 98-2 Internet Inquiries
02/05/1998 Electronic 98-1 On-line Inquiry
01/13/1998 IRS 1099 Internal Revenue Form