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Substance Abuse Facilities - 2003

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12/16/2003 Kansas Choice, Blue Choice 03-09 State of Kansas Employee Group - Update 2004
11/19/2003 BlueCard, Blue Choice, Claim Processing, Specialty Network Group, Walmart 03-08 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. - BlueCard Effective January 1, 2004
10/02/2003 UB-92, Claim Submission, HIPAA 03-07 Patient Relationship to Insured
10/02/2003 HIPAA, Claim Submission, Electronic, Remittance Advice 03-06 HIPAA Day - October 16, 2003
08/06/2003 Anthem Affiliation Kansas Supreme Court Decision Relating to Proposed Affiliation with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
05/29/2003 Boeing, Blue Choice, BlueCard 03-05 The Boeing Company - Selections®Plus
03/18/2003 Customer Service Center, Electronic, HIPAA, Blue Cross Payments 03-04 HIPAA Implementation
02/06/2003 Non-contracting provider 03-03 Services Under Arrangement
01/16/2003 IRS 03-02 Internal Revenue Service Form 1099
01/06/2003 BlueCard Program, Medical Records 03-01 BlueCard Program and Medical Record Requests