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Substance Abuse Facilities - 2007

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11/16/2007 NPI, Claim Submission 07-13 National Provider Identifier Contingency Plan – Stage 2 to be Implemented January 1, 2008
11/05/2007 Medicare Advantage (MA), BlueCard Program 07-12 Medicare Advantage Private Fee For Service (PFFS) FAQs
11/05/2007 Tyson Foods, Federal Employee Program (FEP), ID Cards 07-11 New ID Number for Tyson Foods, Inc. Members
          New FEP Identification Cards
          FEP Pilots New Basic Consumer Option
06/15/2007 Claim Submission, NPI, Web Inquiry, Electronic 07-10 National Provider Identifier (NPI) – Contingency Plan and Procedures
05/16/2007 Claim Submission, NPI, Web Inquiry, Electronic
Newsletter replaced. Refer to June 15, 2007 newsletter
07-09 National Provider Identifier (NPI) – Contingency Plan and Procedures
04/27/2007 BlueCard International, Eligibility 07-08 How to Recognize an International Blue Plan Member
03/13/2007 Electronic, Web Inquiry, Eligibility
(updated 4/04/2007)
07-07 Enhanced Eligibility Inquiry Process Becomes Available March 31, 2007 Adobe Acrobat Document
02/27/2007 Claim Submission, Claim Processing 07-06 Implementation of UB-04 and Revised CMS 1500 Claim Forms
01/18/2007 FEP, Plan 65, Kansas Choice 07-05 2007 Update
  • Federal Employee Program (FEP)
  • Medigap Plan K
  • State of Kansas Employee Group
01/03/2007 Blue Choice 07-03 BCBSKS Introduces Essential Blue
01/03/2007 Specialty Network Groups, Farmers Alliance, National Cooperative Refinery Association (Updated 08/12/13) 07-02 Network Pricing Groups - Two New Groups Added January 1, 2007
01/03/2007 BlueCard International 07-01 Blue Coverage Ends December 31, 2006 for Members From Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom