May 19, 2011




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Connie Winkley – Education/Communication Coordinator
Institutional Relations
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, Inc.
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Therapy Services

This newsletter is being republished from a newsletter dated 11-25-1996.  This is not new information and is being provided as additional provider education.
This newsletter addresses therapy services provided to Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas members when Medicare is not primary.   

Many contracts offered to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas' members include benefits for physical, occupational or speech therapy services. The services must be provided by eligible providers as defined by the member's contract.

Eligible therapy providers are offered a Blue Shield contracting provider agreement and are required to bill services using a CMS-1500 claim form.  Our allowance for covered services is the Blue Shield maximum allowable payment (MAP).  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas will not accept UB-04 claim forms for therapy services provided by skilled nursing facilities.

For more information on how an eligible provider can become a Blue Shield contracting provider, contact:

Vikki Lindemuth  
(785) 291-7724
Senior Specialty Provider Representative