November 2, 2011





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Converting to UB-04/837I Claim Format Billing

Effective January 1, 2012, all Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) will submit claims to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) on the UB-04 claim form.  This change will be effective for all claim submissions as of 1/1/2012.  This change will be based on effective date, not the date of service.  Claims with services dates prior to 1/1/2012 which are submitted on 1/1/2012 or later must be submitted in the UB-04 format.

The benefits of moving ASCs from submitting claims on the CMS-1500 to the UB-04 include the following:

Below is the timeline of what BCBSKS has been doing to assist ASCs in getting ready for this transition.

MAY 2011 Spring Workshops
JUNE 2011 ASC Podcast published to the Web  (View Podcast)
JULY 2011 2012 Surgery level MAPS will be released
SEPT 2011 Fall Workshops
NOV 2011 ASC Newsletter published to the Web
NOV 2011 Provider Claim Submission Testing
JAN 2012 Submit all claims on UB-04 Claim Form

A newsletter was published to the Web on February 11, 2011 announcing the move for ASCs to the UB-04 and with details on this change.  Click here to read that newsletter.

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Blue Cross is excited about moving forward with this transition.  Additional information on the move to the UB-04 will be sent to you via email notifications or from your provider consultant, Christie Blenden between now and January 2012.  Christie can be reached at 785-291-8813 or you can email her at

Please be sure to share this newsletter with all areas of your facility that will be submitting claims to BCBSKS.